"Birthday" Pancakes

When one of our youngsters had a birthday on the road, we started the day with these fun fanciful pancakes. They enjoyed them so much that they managed to declare a "birthday" on every trip we took--like several for a favorite stuffed Mickey Mouse that traveled with us.

Pancake batter mix for 12 to 15 pancakes, made according to package directions
Black jelly beans
Cherry fruit-roll-ups

Use 1/3 cup batter for face, 1/8 cup batter for each ear; fry pancake as usual. Use 1 black jellybean for nose and 2 halves for eyes. Cut a smiling mouth out of cherry fruit roll-up and shape 1-inch strips of roll-up into a perky bow tie.

Variations: For unbirthdays, make features with squeeze-on syrup or raisins. Once you start sculpting with pancakes, itıs hard to stop--we make teddy bears, elephants, crabs. Now a round pancake seems odd.

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